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Program discontinued (January 2017)

Certificate of Completion


This program is no longer offered.
Instead, you may be interested in the Digital Marketing program. 


To earn a McMaster University Certificate of Completion in Web Analytics, individuals must successfully complete all program requirements, which includes completion of all five modules, participation in discussions, group work, and assignments. Students are required to earn a cumulative grade of 60% or higher on all required course work to complete the Web Analytics program. Learners who successfully complete the program will have a "pass" noted on their student record and will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. There are no exemptions from course work and/or modules.

Transfer of credits from other academic intuitions, workshops or web analytics training/courses are not accepted. A Certificate of Completion is a non-academic certificate.

A Certificate of Completion is a non-academic certificate acknowledging that the recipient has completed a minimum of 30 hours of education and has successfully completed an evaluation component (exam, project, paper or presentation) that assesses the individual’s learning.