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young male web developer working at a desk in an office on his laptop young male web developer working at a desk in an office on his laptop

Web Analytics

Harness the digital world
to power your business.

Program discontinued (January 2017)


Web Analysts are employed by marketing, IT merchandising, and business intelligence departments in many sectors including retail, media, government,
and education. This emerging skill-set is critical to any organization with an
online presence.

"In the midst of a recession, the starting salary for a digital analyst across key geographic locations is $60,800, which makes the analytics industry a good one
to be in."
Digital Analytics Association, 2012

“There is a shortage of qualified experts that can both design the right kinds of data generation and translate the reporting into actionable strategies and site success…. Over the next five to ten years, market demand for expertise and the application of data analytics at all levels will lead to considerable industry growth."
Frost & Sullivan Research Service - World Web Analytics Market

For specific information regarding potential
career pathways for Web Analytics, please visit
the following sites:

Digital Analytics Association (DAA)

Job Bank
Both members and non-members of the DAA may search for current openings by searching the DAA job bank.

Search by job title, city, country or a blanket search by leaving all fields empty.

Career Development Resources

DAA’s Career Guide for Digital Analysts (members only)
Compiled from the insight of a representative sample of industry perspectives (client, vendor, agency and consulting side), the DAA’s Career Guide for Digital Analysts is an overview of careers in the digital measurement industry, including:

  • The types of companies analysts can work for;
  • Typical hierarchy and responsibilities for each role;
  • Educational and skill set requirements, including the importance of emerging skill sets; and
  • Advice for those looking to break into the field, be promoted or find a new opportunity.


From LinkedIn – you may consider joining the following web analytics groups: