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Web Analytics

Harness the digital world
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Program discontinued (January 2017)

This program is no longer offered.

Instead, you may be interested in the Digital Marketing program.





What is Web Analytics?

The web tools your organization already has, from your website, social media, and online customer communications to web views, customer loyalty programs, or eNewsletters, contain a virtual goldmine of data. The staggering amount of data created on a daily basis requires professionals to have a unique skill set to gather, evaluate, and translate the information into actionable business goals.  A Web, or Digital, Analyst has the skill set required to harness the power of an organization’s online data.


What Will I Learn?  

Critical Thinking

You’ll gain familiarity with the common data collection tools available that provide the data, or the “what” part of the equation.  Our program then goes beyond these basics to focus on the application of the data, the “so what”.  You’ll learn which numbers to focus on, and how to use the numbers to draw conclusions, and make recommendations and decisions.  Finally, our program equips you with actionable analytics, the “what’s next” component. 


McMaster is known for having innovative, leading edge programs and our Web Analytics Program continues this tradition.  This program is comprehensive, relevant, and offers opportunities for both the novice and experienced Web Analyst to enhance their skill set. 

Immediately Applicable

This online program gives you practical skills you can begin applying right away. The comprehensive content is illustrated throughout with examples and interesting, real-world assignments provide you with a solid basis in web analytics principles, techniques, and applications.  

How will this benefit my current or future career?

Becoming a web analyst is not just about learning how to harness online data, it’s about enhancing your critical thinking skills to tie digital analytics to your organizations’ business goals and strategy.
McMaster’s Web Analytics Program will guide you through this process, yielding valuable skills for your career and insights for your organization.

Expand your current role

Whether you are new to web analytics or already have this task in your portfolio of responsibilities, you need the specialized skills to uncover, communicate and act on meaningful patterns in your organization’s online data. 

Bridge to a new career

Web, or Digital Analysts come from a diverse background.  You may presently be working in Marketing, Web Development or IT and are looking to cross over into the emerging area of web analytics and need to gain the necessary expertise. McMaster’s Web Analytics Program is the stepping stone you need to bridge to a role as a Web/Digital Analyst.

Career Advice

You’ll gain valuable insights from sharing with your program colleagues and from Advisory Board members and facilitators who can offer advice on exactly what today’s web analytics practitioners need to get hired by top employers.


The role of the Web Analyst is in high demand in virtually every sector, and is playing a key role in forming operational strategy in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.   

How will my organization benefit from this program?

In an increasingly competitive business world, the companies that know exactly how to leverage the full potential of their web presence will be the ones that thrive and prosper.

Participants in the program will know how to extract and analyze key data that you can immediately apply to:

  • create more effective marketing campaigns streamline and maximize the effectiveness of your website and social media; 
  • get the best returns from your IT and marketing investments;
  • manage your web presence expertly and cost-efficiently; 
  • identify consumer and business trends find new, untapped markets and prospects;
  • make smarter, well-informed business decisions; and,
  • stay one jump ahead of the competition. 

Why Choose McMaster for Web Analytics?

The strength of our program comes from:


The entire design and delivery of our program has been guided by experts. The program was developed by an Advisory Board consisting of luminaries from Canada’s leading information and technology providers, including Google, ClickInsight, Cardinal Path, and many others.

In addition, McMaster sought input from industry to identify what Web Analysts need to be successful in their role and consulted the Knowledge Requirements of the Digital Analytics Association.

Our program facilitators are all active practitioners in the field today who bring current and relevant insights and real-world examples


Our program teaches you what the numbers mean, which numbers you should focus on, and most importantly, how to leverage the information for decision-making.

McMaster understands that learning how to mine your online data is just the beginning of web analytics.  

Our program goes beyond the basics to enhance your critical thinking skills to tie digital analytics to your organizations’ business goals and strategy.