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women in an office with a lot of sunlight, typing on a laptop women in an office with a lot of sunlight, typing on a laptop

The Science of Cannabis

Separate fact from fiction.

A collaborative program involving the Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research, the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research, and McMaster Continuing Education

Admission Requirements

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This program is open enrolment. Students are not be required to apply to the program for admission; however, students who wish to enter the program must: 

  • Have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, or equivalent
  • Be a mature student as defined in the Undergraduate Calendar of McMaster University
  • Must be 19 or older to participate in the program. 

In order to ensure that students have the basic capabilities necessary to be successful in their online courses, they are required to have the following pre-requisite knowledge and/or skills:

  • Knowledge and skills with general computer applications, such as keyboarding, file management, video talks, and word processing;
  • Familiarity with internet browsers and web surfing
  • English Language Proficiency requirements:
  1. Completion of TOEFL exam with minimum acceptable score of IBT: 86 overall with a minimum score of 20 on each of the four components (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening), valid for 2 years.