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Project Management

Work towards a PMP® designation.

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Modules - Project Management Certificate of Completion


Please note: Due to the recent changes in programming due to COVID-19, all Project Management modules will be available through online and virtual classrooms.

Online courses will consist of a mixture of instructor-led learning, individual work, case scenarios, and assignments/project work.​

Virtual classes will be held online using a combination of synchronous (live/real-time) instructor-led sessions, supplemented with asynchronous (everyone works separately) activities. Online attendance is mandatory and you are required to attend all synchronous sessions as they will be part of the contact hours necessary for the Project Management Institute (PMI) development units. The synchronous sessions will take place from 9 am-12 pm and 1-4 pm each day of your module. In order to claim the contact hours necessary for PMI, grading is applied as part of the mandatory attendance requirement.

Registration for fall courses will open on July 14, 2020.

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Project Management Online Modules

PMP 401 Project Management Fundamentals 

This course will introduce students to project management. It will explain the business benefits of providing rigorous structure to ensure the successful completion of work. "Work" in this sense can include a wide range of activities and initiatives, including product and service launches, creating efficiencies, and enhancing services. In addition to learning about the importance of the project manager's role, you will learn to develop a framework for building a project plan, including strategies for effectively engaging stakeholders, and ensuring the successful execution of the plan in practice. 

PMP 402 Communication and Leadership in Project Management 

Course in development, description to come. Course will be available Fall 2020.

PMP 403 Technical Implementation in Project Management

Course in development, description to come. Course will be available Winter 2021.


Project Management In-Person Modules 

PMP 101 Module 1: Project Management Fundamentals
This course provides an introduction on how to effectively manage all phases of a project. You will learn the project management framework of initiation, planning, execution, control and formal closing and discover what it takes to ensure project success. In this skills-building course,  you will focus on practical tools and techniques. This course is the prerequisite for all other modules.

PMP 102 Module 2: Project Leadership & Communication

Managing a successful project involves more than schedules and  templates – it requires the ability to work effectively with people in a variety of roles. The course provides an interactive classroom environment, supplemented by hands-on exercises and self-assessments, to help you practice and understand the various models, strategies, tools and techniques in applying effective management, leadership  and communication skills.

PMP 103 Module 3: Schedule & Cost Control

Get the skills you need to effectively establish and manage a realistic schedule and detailed budget. You’ll learn to develop an integrated  budget and schedule while monitoring project performance during execution. You will be introduced to analytical techniques, and learn  the management tools that help to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, as well as the importance of creating baselines for  the project schedules and budgets.


PMP 104 Module 4: Risk Management

Learn to proactively reduce the probability of project failure. In this course, you will learn to use proven approaches and techniques specific to risk management. You will learn to plan and analyze projects so as to minimize risk in a formal environment. You will identify, analyze and address uncertainty throughout the project life-cycle and incorporate lessons learned and industry best practices related to risk management. 

PMP 105 Module 5: Contract Management Principles & Practices Discover how to manage all aspects of project procurement effectively. You will learn the logic behind contracting principles and practices, and you’ll learn the terms, techniques, and tools of converting project needs into outsourced goods and services. You will learn to ensure successful procurements by gaining an understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the internal and external stakeholders involved in  the procurement chain. 

PMP 106 Module 6: Quality in Project Management

In this course, you will learn how to integrate quality management concepts, tools and processes to plan quality into your projects. The  course provides hands-on exercises that further your learning experience  by applying quality planning, quality assurance and quality control  concepts to increase the likelihood of project success.