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Policies and FAQs



  • Course fees vary depending upon duration and materials. Fees are noted in the Current Schedule and when browsing for courses in the registration portal. Course fees include refreshments and materials (lunch is not included).

    Full payment must be received in order to confirm a registration.

  • Centre for Continuing Education Refund Policy

    McMaster reserves the right to cancel a course due to low enrolment or other factors. Affected students will be notified of any course cancellations and refunded appropriately.


    Refunds are applicable if a student drops a course within the timeframes outlined in the schedule below. If a course is cancelled by MCE, the student will be entitled to a 100% refund. The $39 Academic Activation fee is only refundable if course is cancelled by MCE.


    i) Online Credit Card/Interac payments – any applicable refund will be processed back to the original credit card via the mhp order number. Credit card refunds will be processed 1-3 weeks from the course drop date. Processing times may take longer during peak periods, such as enrolment open dates (July and March) and the beginning of an academic term
    (January, May, September). Note: Refunds cannot be processed to another credit card.
    ii) Cheque, Debit, EFT payments (students with a Canadian bank account) – refunds will be processed via Interac e-transfer to the student’s personal email address in Mosaic. Students will receive an email directing them to log into their online banking to make a deposit. The student’s email address does not need to be the same one associated with the student’s bank account in order to accept payment. Refunds through Interac e-transfer will be processed approximately 1-3 weeks from the course drop date. Processing times may take longer during peak periods. Students are advised to check their junk/spam email.

    Please note:
    -Refunds via EFT or cheques will only be processed in extenuating circumstances. Processing and delivery will take approximately 4-6 weeks.
    -Drop/refund policies are based on the course start date, not the date of enrolment. -Enrolling after a course begins does not warrant any exceptions to these policies.
    -For purposes of refunds, the day refers to the calendar day, beginning at 12:00 a.m. EST.
    -The one-time academic activation fee of $39 is non-refundable (unless the course is cancelled by MCE).
    -This page applies only to financial refunds. Find more information on dropping courses without academic penalty visit our Academic Penalties page.

    For program specific policies, please visit our Refund Policy page.

  • In keeping with our desire to provide flexible programs, students will have the opportunity to transfer up to two days’ worth of courses between any two Essentials Programs. The transferred course(s) must align within the program to which it is transferred. A course may only be transferred once.


    A participant successfully completed the Communication Essentials Program with the following courses: Conflict Resolution, Effective Business Writing, Dealing with Difficult People, Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback, Strengthening Communication with True Colors, and the Art of Active Listening. The participant may count Conflict Resolution and Effective Business Writing towards the Productivity Essentials Program and select 3 additional days of courses under that program to earn a Productivity Essentials Program Certificate of Completion.

    See the Current Schedule to view the course duration as well as which courses align under the each Essentials Program.

  • Up to a maximum of 9 units of eligible 1-or 2-day Essentials courses may be transferred towards elective credit in the Business Administration Diploma Program.  Students should notify the Business Administration Program Manager in writing of their intent to apply Essentials courses towards their Diploma. Students will be charged a one-time transfer fee of $79 for a block of elective credit (up to 9 units).

    Unless otherwise noted:
    • One-day workshops are eligible for 0.5 unit of elective credit.
    • Two-day workshops are eligible for 1.0 unit of elective credit.
    • Half-day workshops are not eligible for elective credit in the Diploma program.


  • Courses are held at McMaster CCE's new home, One James North (1 James Street North, Hamilton, Ontario)

  • Some courses include assignments that must be completed prior to class such as reading articles or viewing video clips, completing a self-assessment, or other activities that specifically relate to the course topic. If a course includes a pre-class assignment, participants will receive instructions via email a minimum of one week before the course.

  • Yes. All courses have assignments which must be submitted to the course instructor by the deadline in order to receive towards a Certificate of Completion. Late assignments will not be accepted. If a student is not working towards a Certificate of Completion (and has no plans to do so in the future), the assignment is optional.

  • Late assignments are not accepted, and the affected course may not be counted towards the Certificate of Completion program requirements. In extreme circumstances, an individual may inquire about an extension directly with the instructor in advance of the deadline.

    Decisions to provide an extension are at the discretion of the instructor in consultation with the Program Manager.

  • In most cases, individuals who complete assignments will receive basic feedback from the instructor with regards to their course assignment. The feedback will be transmitted via email. Assignments will not be returned to participants.

    Grade information is disseminated by CCE only, or an individual may access their record of learning by logging into the Mosaic Student Center and viewing their grades.

  • You can access a proof of enrolment letter through Mosaic. To do so, follow the instructions below:

    1. Sign in to the McMaster Mosaic Student Center.
    2. In the Academics section, look for the drop down menu labelled “other academic”
    3. From this menu, select Enrolment/Financial Letters and click the double arrows
    4. Put in the corresponding information:

    - Select Academic Career for this Letter:  Select Continuing Education.
    - Select Academic Term for this Letter: Select the term in which you took the class.
    - Select which letter you would like to request: Select Enrolment/Completion letter.
    - Select your delivery option: Select PDF.

    Please note: your grade will only appear once it has been uploaded by the administrative staff. This allow up to two weeks for grades to be submitted once the class has finished.

  • You can track your progress for the Essentials programs (and all McMaster courses) through Mosaic. To do so, sign in to the McMaster Mosaic Student Center.