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Rachel, McMaster University Continuing Education Payroll graduate Rachel, McMaster University Continuing Education Payroll graduate


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Work towards your Payroll Compliance Practioner (PCP) or Canadian Payroll Management (CPM) certification.

Future Degree Studies


Certificate in Canadian Payroll Management

Students who successfully graduate from the Certificate in Canadian Payroll Management program, and who wish to pursue degree studies at McMaster University, may be eligible to receive up to 15 units of undergraduate academic credit, as determined by the Faculty into which they are applying. The student must be accepted into the Faculty before this advanced standing is granted.

For application information to degree studies, visit the Registrar's Web site:

Students applying to the Bachelor of Commerce program after completing their certificate must be aware of the following criteria for advanced credit - the certificate must be completed with an overall average of B- or better; a mark of B- or better must be obtained in each course that is to be used for advanced standing; only courses completed within the last 5 years will be considered for advanced standing; students with a failing grade will not be admissible to a B.Comm program (even if they repeat the course).

My OWN McMaster (MyOWNMac) Degree Pathway

MyOWNMac is a pathway specifically designed for working professionals who want the flexibility to study part-time, online. This unique pathway allows learners to customize their course selection and mode of delivery to earn a McMaste Bachelor of Arts degree in History or Sociology. 

MyOWNMac is well suited for professionals who are searching for a flexible, part-time option to pursue diploma and/or degree studies, and for current CCE diploma students who would like to earn an undergraduate degree on a part-time basis.

Learn more about MyOWNMac.