Canadian Payroll Management

Payroll. Professional.

Work towards becoming a Certified Payroll Manager (CPM)

Formats (In-Person / Online)

Complete the program entirely in person, entirely online* or choose a combination of both formats.  

In-person offerings will include a mixture of lecture and experiential learning activities, such as case studies, presentations, individual and group work and are the preferred method of instruction for the payroll management courses.  

Online delivery will use primarily asynchronous activities designed to present the fundamental concepts and theories in payroll management and promote the application to the workplace and professional practice. Course activities will include instructor video lecture/presentations, discussion board topics, web-based learning activities, as well as, experiential learning activities (i.e. case studies, group discussions, projects).

All courses (in-person and online) have a final exam. 

*CPM 101 & CPM 102 equivalencies may be taken online with CPA and applied the McMaster Canadian Payroll Management certificate by transfer credit. 

Available Course Formats: