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Rachel, McMaster University Continuing Education Payroll graduate Rachel, McMaster University Continuing Education Payroll graduate


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Work towards your Payroll Compliance Practioner (PCP) or Canadian Payroll Management (CPM) certification.

Certificate in Canadian Payroll Management (CPM) - Requirements


Academic Credit:  15 units

The CPM certification is a valuable credential providing the management skills needed by experienced PCP certification holders to advance their career in payroll management.

To qualify for McMaster University’s Certificate in Canadian Payroll Management, registrants must complete five (5) core courses, as per below:

Required Courses – 5 Core

  1. PAY 201 - Introduction to Payroll Management (3 units) *formerly CPM 101
  2. HRM 821 - Organizational Behaviour (3 units)
  3. HRM 898 - Compensation (3 units)
  4. One of:
    ACC 928 - Introductory Management Accounting (3 units)
    HRM 817 - Business Finance and Accounting (3 units)
  5. PAY 202 - Applied Payroll Management (3 units) *formerly CPM 102

All courses require a passing grade of 65% in order to be accepted toward CPM certification. 

For PAY 201 and PAY 202 students must first register with the McMaster University’s Centre for Continuing Education and pay the course registration fee. They must also register with the Canadian Payroll Association at least 10 days prior to the start date of the course and pay the CPA’s applicable fee(s) in order to receive their course materials and get access to the online learning platform.

For more information regarding CPM certification, visit or e-mail the Certification department at