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Open Source Intelligence

Unlock the power of publicly-available data

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Course Descriptions


OSI 101 Course 1: Tradecraft and Operations

Participants will learn the fundamentals of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tradecraft and operations for traditional and new media sources, including how to accurately assess and effectively monitor new sources, collect and process relevant information, and characterize and analyse information for intelligence insights. In addition, this course offers an overview of data literacy and data management, and highlights the increasing importance of large-scale data collection and analysis for effective OSINT work.

Instructors: Sami Khoury

OSI 102 Course 2: Python for Basic Collection

Participants will learn how to treat the Internet as a data resource and how to create automated data collection mechanisms. The course starts by teaching trainees the essentials of Python programming, and then walks them through the practical steps of constructing their first web scraper.

Instructors: Sami Khoury

OSI 103 Course 3: Python for Advanced Collection

Participants will take their web scraping skills to the next level by learning how to collect hidden text and multimedia elements from dynamic websites, and how to overcome authentication issues.

Instructors: Sami Khoury

OSI 104 Course 4: Data Mining and Analysis Essentials

Participants will learn how to condition and prepare collected data for further analysis, and how to construct analytical and visualization algorithms to extract meaning and insights. Participants will also acquire skills in quantifying and analyzing linguistic information, and in creating machine learning applications to categorize new information or generate predictions based on historical data.

Instructors: Sami Khoury