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Sharing Alumni Stories to Attract and Convert Prospective Learners



By: Karen Hamilton, Assistant Director of Marketing and Enrolment, McMaster Continuing Education

Continuing education is highly competitive, so how do you find ways to stand out and attract new students? One effective method is reaching out to your alumni and asking them to share their success stories with your prospects.  

Prospective learners haven’t immersed themselves in your brand and educational programs yet. With similar programs offered across many Continuing Education units, they want to feel confident they have made the right choice for their learning investment. That’s where your alumni come in.  

By sharing their success stories, alumni help inform and guide prospective learners in their decision-making process. Alumni know the quality and value of their experience with your Continuing Education brand and can share first-hand its outcomes and impacts on their learning goals. Their third-party perspective offers insight and context from an unbiased source. Alumni success stories endorse your programs, build credibility and instill trust in your brand. These powerful stories can convert a prospect into a student in a way that other marketing efforts cannot.

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