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McMaster University Continuing Education Joins D2L Wave as an Education Partner



McMaster Continuing Education Joins D2L Wave to Streamline Upskilling for Corporations

McMaster Continuing Education is one of the first educational partners to join D2L Wave, a bold new approach to professional development that makes it easy for employees to gain new skills by accessing an online catalog of high-quality education options from leading educational institutions like McMaster University.

“McMaster is a university with impact and a rich history of helping to improve people’s lives and build a brighter future for everyone,” says Dr. Lorraine Carter, Director of McMaster Continuing Education. “Through excellence in teaching and learning and program development, we are focused on advancing the health and well-being of our society – in our community and around the world. By partnering with D2L Wave, we can inspire even more lifelong learning achievements and ensure that professionals and companies have the skills they need to succeed today, and in the future.”

About D2L Wave
D2L Wave is an upskilling education platform for companies that want to amplify their employees’ potential by cultivating lifelong learning and future-proofed skills. It connects your workforce with professional development opportunities that align with your company’s business strategy. Learn more about D2L Wave at

For more information about this partnership, please visit D2L's press release.