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Why Tech Education May Be Your Best Career Move


Every day, new high-paying technology jobs are created, requiring specialized expertise. As tech is ever evolving, upgrading your skills and knowledge through Continuing Education could have you poised for career success.  

You may be looking to break into tech or, for example, are currently working in another field, such as marketing, health care, sales or finance. Whatever your experience or career path, all employers place a premium on professionals who are up to date with the latest technical skills. 

Upskill with advanced Tech courses 

If you have a Computer Science or Engineering degree, our advanced programs like Data Science and Big Data Programming and Architecture can help take your tech career to the next level. These programs are designed to update your skills with the new and emerging technologies, software and strategies that employers value. 

Explore the principles and learn best practices of cloud computing, modern machine learning techniques such as neural network, deep learning, and reinforcement learning, as well as real-time analytics tools such as Kafka and HBase. 

Why study Tech?

  • Technology education leads to increased opportunities 
    Demand for expertise in data science and technology is high across all industries. Whether you are looking to enter a tech-specific field, or grow your knowledge base, tech studies can increase your chances of finding employment or advancing your career. You can find work almost anywhere in just about any industry – from government to financial services, entertainment and a host of others. 

    Training in this field allows you to choose a variety of careers, including: 
    • Data Architect
    • Data and Reporting Analyst
    • Information Security Analyst
    • Cyber Security Analyst
    • Web Developer 
    • Data Engineer
  • Working in tech can be lucrative
    89% of people who transition into a tech career do so to earn more money.1 Why? Because every sector rewards professionals who have the latest tech skills in their field. Many companies offer substantial financial rewards, with information technology professionals being among the highest paid employees in Canada. 
  • Career longevity
    Today, data is more valuable and accessible than ever before. Huge amounts of data are recorded, stored and analyzed to enable technology and services that the world relies on every day. The ability to make sense of all this data and use it to change the way we live and interact is both highly valued and will be in high demand for the foreseeable future. Information technology professionals can enjoy career longevity with abundant growth potential for those who keep their skills up to date.
  • Technical training develops skills that are useful in every field
    Everyone can benefit from building tech expertise. When learning innovative tech skills from industry experts, you develop flexibility, critical thinking and problem-solving talents that can help you in all career paths.
  • Job satisfaction
    A career that involves finding solutions based on your technical knowledge and skills can be extremely satisfying. According to a recent survey, a vast majority of technology professionals are satisfied with their jobs, with 72% reporting feeling appreciated.2 Add to that the lucrativeness of tech jobs and the ability to find work/life balance in the technology sector, and job satisfaction soars.

Earn a certificate to launch or advance your tech career

Continuing Education university-level tech programs can help you easily transition to the tech industry. A certificate in technology demonstrates to employers your mastery of sought-after tech skills. It is a measure of your knowledge and skills against industry-specific benchmarks. It also provides you with the career confidence necessary to make your next move in a competitive job market. 

Wondering if the investment is worth it? Studies show you will likely more than regain your time and costs. In fact, 81% of tech career-changers say they recouped on the financial investment they made to make the switch.3 

McMaster University Continuing Education online tech programs include university-level courses and certificate options in these in-demand areas:

You can earn a Certificate of Completion in one or all these programs. Each online program builds on your previous knowledge, offering you invaluable skill-building for the technology sector. McMaster University Continuing Education tech programs are designed to keep you up to date on the latest systems, database software tools, network management strategies and best practices. 

Graduates emerge with hands-on experience in the latest methods and techniques from industry experts. Our instructors are not only qualified educators, but also continue to work in the technology sector. 

When you have the latest technology skills, your career path could include interesting areas like:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Technology
  • Big Data Programming
  • Data Engineering

Looking to expand your career options and earn a lucrative salary? Enjoy job satisfaction that comes from the ability to use your tech skills and make an impact? Unlock the exciting opportunities that await you in the field of technology, with the help of McMaster University Continuing Education. All courses are offered online to ensure you can easily fit them into your life. 

For more information, check out our tech programs and register today.

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Why Tech Education May Be Your Best Career Move