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5 Reasons You Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence


By: Jenna Tziatis, Marketing Specialist, McMaster University Continuing Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, or in other words, machine intelligence. AI learns and mimics human performance to help us in interpreting, deciding, and taking action. The future of AI is now, and we will see it in society and our workplaces more and more each day. We are already using AI in our daily lives through smart mobile devices, home automation, and retail loyalty programs to name a few.

AI will change the future of society and the workforce, and it won’t be holding back. We will need to embrace AI and learn how to work with it, not against it. So how do we prepare for the future of AI and embrace it in our workplace?

1.     Automation of remedial tasks

Many jobs may become easier with automation and relieve you of remedial tasks. This can help you become more strategic and efficient in your role, allowing you to focus on tasks that AI can’t do. For example, chatbots can help answer consumer questions 24/7, freeing up your time. Recruiters can find candidates faster and easier which allows for more selective interviews. AI could help leaders play a more effective role when and where management support is necessary allowing for better time management and cost savings.

2.     Increase efficiency

With the adoption of AI, many businesses will become more efficient. Companies will be able to find new consumers easier and with less money. You will be able to use automation to improve administration and operational tasks. You will have access to high quality and insightful data, and improved analytics tools to quickly extract meaningful information about your consumers to target your audience more effectively. In addition to this, AI helps to increase the security of a company’s network, applications, or website.

3.     Become an early adopter

By adopting AI early, you are embracing the future and not falling behind the competition. If you’re not set up to adopt AI, then your company risks failure as catching up can be quite costly and time-consuming. It takes time to develop AI systems and integrate these systems into your organization, and train employees to work alongside AI. Once this is all set up, scaling can be very rapid. By becoming an early adopter, you have a higher chance to adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape and to increase your market share, operating at a lower cost, and improving the performance.

4.     Enjoy a safer workplace

Toxic and hazardous work environments can take a toll on employee’s well-being, which results in absentee employees with high-stress levels, which costs a company sufficient funds. With AI, companies can now implement meditative practices into the workplace, increase employee support, and improve communication. By having a healthy, collaborative work environment, you can become more productive, retain employees, and save on costs.

5.     Future-proof your career

The arrival of AI is a great way to differentiate yourself, stay ahead of your peers, and future-proof your career to better prepare for the technological changes and understand how you can make AI work for you and your role. Start by learning more about AI, how it impacts your role, and where there are gaps in your knowledge to ensure you’re prepared to adopt AI into your role. You can do this by looking at recent job postings that are similar to your role, and what skills, knowledge, and education other employers are expecting. Look into continuing education to help fill those knowledge gaps and ask your management team what your company’s plans are for AI in the future. Secure your role effectively by educating yourself early, thus making you a desired asset to your company.

Whether we like it or not, AI is here to stay, and it won’t be ignored. Even though AI can be a powerful tool to eliminate tasks from various roles, there are still many important tasks where the human element remains essential. Don’t be afraid to embrace it, rather look at how it will change our world both inside and outside the workplace and how you can learn and benefit from it.


5 Reasons You Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence