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3 Ways You Can Enter The Field Of Big Data


By: Jenna Tziatis, Marketing Assistant, McMaster University Continuing Education

One of the biggest challenges that companies face today is harnessing the vast expanse of big data and gleaning the insights that will move their business forward. Big data analytics has become a business game-changer.  Companies investing in this arena have experienced improvements in organizational processes, growth in profit margins, enhancements in employee performance and the ability to deliver more personalized customer experiences.

It’s no surprise that the Top 25 Companies in Canada are building their big data bench strength and looking for people with expertise in this field.  So, you might be asking yourself how can you enter the field of big data? Here are three tips to help you get there.

1.    Understand the analytics landscape

There are many different specialized areas in the world of Big Data.  Take the time to understand each one of them.  From analytics to business intelligence (BI) knowing the unique role and function of each area will help you determine which field you are most interested in pursuing.

2.    Research job postings

Once you’ve got a pretty good idea about the areas that interest you, it’s time to figure out what jobs will work best for you. Visit online job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed and search for jobs in your key areas of interest.  The job descriptions will provide you with an overview of the role, responsibilities and a list of skill that employers are looking for. From here you can determine your areas of strength and if any you have any knowledge gaps.

3. Fill the gaps with continuing education

Whether you’re looking to learn more in certain areas or simply looking to brush up on your skills, many universities offer continuing education courses in the field of Big Data. For example, McMaster Continuing Education offers programs such as Big Data Analytics or Foundations ofAnalytics that will help give you the information and skills you need to land that big data dream job. It’s important to take the time to review the different courses offering out there to make sure you select the programs that give you the skills and techniques you're looking to master.

Don’t delay your job search.  With companies reporting that the largest shortfall of qualified talent in Canada is in data analytics there’s no better time to enter this exciting field.  

3 Ways You Can Enter The Field Of Big Data