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How To Fast Track Your Career


By: Natalie Melanson, Marketing Assistant, McMaster University Continuing Education

Today’s career ladder doesn’t look as linear as it did 30 years ago.  In previous generations, to get ahead in your career you would join a new company, work hard, pay your dues and climb that corporate ladder.

Nowadays to get that promotion or salary increase people typically need to jump from their current job into a new position at another corporation.  So how do you successfully jump in this competitive job market?  Here are some tips to help you fast track your career.

Get Networking – It may sound simple and obvious, but it will have such a great impact on your career growth. Being visible gets you noticed and should be an essential element to building your career.

Expanding your contacts can open doors to new opportunities for business, career advancement and personal growth. Active networking helps to keep you top of mind when opportunities arise. So, get out there. Attend those professional events. Show up to those social outings. Regularly participating in these makes you more marketable and memorable.

It’s important to remember that networking doesn’t stop once you have a job. You should always be expanding your base because you never know where your next career opportunity will come from. The more people you know the better.

Get a Degree – Having a university degree is always a plus on your resume.If you’re a working professional and interested in getting a degree many universities are now offering online degree options built to fit your busy schedule. For example, McMaster Continuing Education offers a program called My OWN McMaster that lets you get a Bachelor of Arts degree in History or Sociology.It’s a convenient way to get that degree and a great option for those seeking that competitive edge.

Get Goal Oriented – Make a list of personal career goals for yourself. Determine what steps need to be taken for you to achieve both long terms and short-term career milestones. Remember to be realistic and pace yourself. You won’t become Senior Vice President overnight.

Be patient and ensure sure your timelines are realistic. Make adjustments as you go but implement the plan early on in your career.

In the end, be sure you are continuing to grow on a personal and professional level. That you are taking on new challenges and roles that are consistently pushing you to improve every single day. If you work hard and keep a clear vision of exactly where you want to be in 1, 5 and even 10 years from now; you won’t be disappointed.

How To Fast Track Your Career