McMaster in Mississauga

McMaster CCE courses now available in Mississauga.

NEW! Convenient location at Mississauga Rd & Britannia

McMaster in Mississauga

The McMaster Centre for Continuing Education (McMaster CCE) is proud to offer a variety of courses at the Mississauga Training Centre (MTC). Winter 2017 enrolment is now open.

McMaster CCE Programs and Courses Available at MTC:

Why take a McMaster CCE course at MTC:

  • You live or work in Mississauga or surrounding area
  • The courses offered in Mississauga are a good fit for your schedule
  • In-person or face-to-face learning is a good fit for you
  • You can complete your program quickly by increasing your course load and combining class formats (in-person/online) and locations (Hamilton/Mississauga) 
  • McMaster University Continuing Education offers the opportunity to complete an entire program in person (at MTC) over a year or more