Metallurgy of Iron & Steel

Iron ore steel?
Know your product.

Gain a comprehensive knowledge of steel.

Metallurgy of Iron & Steel Certificate Requirements

This cohort program consists of five required courses that must be completed in sequential order.  All program courses are offered online.

If starting in January 2017, students will begin with MET 450 and proceed through the remaining courses in order, completing MET 449 at the end of their studies.

Required Course List

Chemistry Course (Optional)

The Metallurgy of Iron & Steel Certificate program does not require you to be proficient in chemistry but some basic knowledge is strongly suggested to be successful in the program. If you have never taken a chemistry course before or who need a refresher, we suggest you sign up for the “General Chemistry” course offered through Educator. This self-directed, easy to follow, non-credit course has a continuous intake so you can register at any time.  The course costs approximately $35 for one month’s access to the content. You can purchase a longer subscription if needed.  You can also find your own chemistry course if needed.

Chemistry (non-credit)