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Core Courses

BUS 825 Business Foundations (3 Units)

Study business in a Canadian context, including finance, personnel, marketing, operations and general management.

MKT 101 Marketing Plans & Implementation (3 Units)

Learn to create and communicate marketing plans, including marketing audits, market analysis, strategy, tactics and implementation tools.

MKT 102 Consumer Behaviour (3 Units)

Study why and how consumers make decisions, including consumer psychology and social responsibility.

MKT 103 Integrated Marketing Communication (3 Units)

Examine the strategy of communication and the effective use of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations, event marketing and media.

MKT 819 Introduction to Marketing (3 Units)

Learn basic marketing concepts, including product development, market segments, pricing strategies, brand equity, distribution channels and promotional activities.

Elective Courses

DMK 101 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (3 Units)

Incorporating the foundational principles of marketing, with best practices, theories and experiential activities relevant to the digital space, this course gives professionals the essential tools and industry current tactics to be strong strategic digital marketers.

Prerequisite: 5 Marketing diploma core courses or 3 years of marketing or related experience, or a degree/educational background in marketing or communications.

MKT 104 Market Research (3 Units)

In today’s marketing landscape, data can be difficult to collect and even misleading and confusing. Study marketing research techniques to help you collect and analyze data for effective marketing plans.

MKT 106 Branding & Image (3 Units)

Explore the foundation, application and management of a strong brand, including key principles and brand equity, characteristics of a strong brand, brand building and positioning, and the role of ethics in branding.

MKT 107 Business-to-Business Marketing (3 Units)

To be effective, marketing strategies need to take into account not only the customer, but also the customer’s customers. Learn the basic institutional details and principles of successful business-to-business marketing.

PUB 111 Building Social Media Relationships (3 Units)

Explore the theoretical aspects and practical applications of social media tools, including blogs, wikis and social media websites (i.e., Facebook and YouTube) to engage new audiences and build relationships.

PUB 113 Social Media Research & Techniques (3 Units)

Apply social media knowledge to public relations practice by conducting research, campaigns and engaging communities. Study current business cases to explore best practices.

Prerequisite: Building Social Media Relationships

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