Lean Six Sigma

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Learn what past participants have to say about the Lean Six Sigma Program.

“Anil Gupta is an excellent presenter. He relates theory to real life examples.”
Lisa G.

“I gained a strong understanding of Lean Six Sigma and the philosophy behind how it came to be…and how it continues to be used. I am now able to structure a Lean Six Sigma project from start to finish.”
Daniel P.

“Great class. Rather than looking at past behaviours to improve current problems, I have a team of individuals looking at current related bottle necks that contribute to the existing problem and the focus will be to simplify and standardize this process. I am also more confident about using JIT ideas to deal with the problem proactively.”
Diane M.

“Since returning to my role I have started to look at processes in a different manner, looking to identify waste!”
Amanda W.

“I liked all of the real life examples and the opportunities to have open conversations about the topics.”
Ryan F.