Lean Six Sigma

Seeking perfection

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Improve performance, reliability and value while reducing defects and variation in the deliverable product or service. Professionals with Lean Six Sigma credentials have long been valued in the manufacturing sector for their skills.

Is the Lean Six Sigma program relevant to my career?  

Do you work in health care, financial services, information technology or government? If so, then this program is for you. The Lean Six Sigma skill set is in growing demand across the service sectors. 

Plan. Execute. Lead.

Six Sigma Green Belts select, plan and execute projects and put DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) principles of process improvement into practice. McMaster University’s Six Sigma Green Belt program utilizes the DMAIC method, providing the road map, tools and methods to successfully drive improved process solutions.

Participants gain a deep understanding of quality and process improvement using Lean and Six Sigma principles, with an emphasis on leadership and collaborative work environment strategies. Participants will work on a live project during the program, explore statistical software (such as Minitab), and will also learn how to manually calculate in the absence of these tools.

    Program Features:

    Learning occurs both in-class and online, and includes guided discussions, case studies, individual and group exercises, and strategies to successfully execute a live project. Participants will also have an opportunity to visit a Lean Six Sigma organization.

    • Expert instructor (Master Black Belt);
    • Project execution with mentor feedback;
    • Statistical software options and application;
    • Blended format has 5 modules (2 are online, 3 are in-class) - 5 total days to attend in-class from 9 AM to 5 PM;
    • Individual feedback and coaching included (1 hour).

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