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Eric Seidlitz

Eric earned a Bachelor of Science (Zoology/Botany) and a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) (Physiological Psychology) from the University of Manitoba, followed by a Master of Science (Psychology/Electrophysiology) from McMaster University. He worked for ~9 years at the Research Institute of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto (Division of Neuroscience) studying the basic physiology of patent ductus arteriosus, then returned to Hamilton in 1998 and joined the G. Singh lab at the Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre. In that lab, he developed and applied a variety of animal models relating to angiogenesis and breast/prostate cancer bone metastasis.

In 2004, he enrolled in the Medical Sciences Graduate Program at McMaster and completed a Doctor of Philosophy (with distinction) in Physiology and Pharmacology, with a research focus on glutamate intercellular communication and the persistent skeletal pain that results when cancer spreads to bone. During his PhD, he discovered and characterized a connection between the normal oxidative stress protection mechanisms of cancer cells and the bone pain and pathology associated with bone metastasis. He followed his PhD with a Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Bone Metastasis Pain) in the department of Pathology & Molecular Medicine.  After working for several years as a staff Research Scientist in Pathology & Molecular Medicine, he is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesia, teaching full-time, primarily for the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) program. He teaches courses in all four years of the BHSc program in Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Pain, Cannabis, Information Literacy, and Research Skills. Eric is also the Chair of McMaster’s Animal Research Ethics Board.

Eric lives in Dundas with his wife and two adult sons. He spends his free time making stained glass art, reading, hiking, and watching any airplane that goes by (he used to be a pilot). Eric is also an avid amateur photographer.

A list of his research publications can be found via his Publons/Web of Knowledge Researcher ID (