Health Informatics

Where health and information
technology intersect.

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Where health and information technology intersect

Using technology, clinical guidelines, information systems, and data management practices, health informatics professionals optimize the collection, storage, and use of information in healthcare.  Health informatics applies to the areas of nursing, clinical care, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, occupational therapy, and medical research.

Working in conjunction with the Health Information Management program, program participants will explore, learn and apply their knowledge and skills in a dynamic, online learning environment.  Opportunities to establish a network of professionals from both areas of study is provided, as program participants share three courses designed for both health information managers and health informaticians, and then progress to take a deeper examination of health informatics topics.  

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be eligible for a McMaster University Diploma in Health Informatics.


About the Diploma in Health Informatics

  • Part-time program, consisting of 9, 3-unit courses; 
  • Online delivery, instructor facilitated;
  • Learn from experienced Health Informatics professionals;
  • Designed in consultation with the industry’s professional association



Who Should Take Health Informatics Program?

  • Health care professionals seeking second career or a new career path;
  • Individuals with related study, or background in computer science, IT,
    currently employed, or seeking employment in health informatics field;
  • Health informatics professionals looking to upgrade previous education background;
  • International professionals seeking Canadian education in health informatics/

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