Foundations in Canadian Health


Gain a Certificate of Completion online!

Foundations in Canadian Health Certificate of Completion

Interested in starting a career or education program in health but lack direct experience with the Canadian healthcare system, anatomy/physiology or medical terminology? 

Get the medical foundation you need.

This program provides preparatory courses for individuals who are new to a health education program or lack training or work experience in the Canadian healthcare system or are interested in applying to the Health Informatics or Health Information programs.

Study 100% online. No application required.

Enrolment for these online courses is open (no application required).
There are no transfer credits or exemptions for prerequisite courses. You may take multiple courses in a term (based on scheduling), and there is no time limit to complete the program. Program courses fulfill the pre-requisite requirements for the Health Informatics or Health Information Management diplomas; please review the Program Admission & Prerequisite Chart.

To enrol in courses in the Foundations in Canadian Health program, search using the “Health Info Skill Development” program or plan on the course selection page.

Is this certificate for you? Are you...

  • Starting a career in the health care field
  • Acquiring academic admission credentials for future college/university study
  • Needing a refresher course in Anatomy/Physiology  and/or Medical terminology
  • A project manager or consultant planning to work in health care
  • A health care professional trained outside of Canada 
  • A mature students interested in returning to post- secondary education 
  • Requiring prerequisites for Health Informatics and Health Information Management programs

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