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young female entrepreneur writing on paper with a laptop in her flower shop young female entrepreneur writing on paper with a laptop in her flower shop


Become your own boss

Reach success in your entrepreneurial endeavours

Please note that this program is being phased out. Winter 2022 is the last term that the Entrepreneurship courses will be offered. A new program in this area will be offered later in the year. Check back for more details.


Start your dream business!

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a place to start? Look no further than to McMaster Continuing Education's Entrepreneurship Certificate of Completion. This three course program is designed to help you assess your potential to work for yourself and start your dream business. 

What are the benefits?

  • Learn key strategies and skills to assess your entrepreneurial potential
  • Discover how to determine the viability of a business idea
  • Understand where to start in growing a business from the ground up

If you have an existing business idea you've been working on, you can work through this idea as you move through the program and receive feedback from the instructor as you complete your assignments. 

What are the learning objectives?

After completing the Entrepreneurship program, you will be able to:

  • Apply practical strategies to identify and assess your entrepreneurial potential 
  • Recognize the key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and start-up businesses
  • Identify industry key success factors and conduct a competitive analysis to determine the viability of a business idea
  • Develop sound marketing, financing, and staffing plans for a new business
  • Articulate a compelling case for a new business idea to potential investors and stakeholders

How long will it take me to complete?

The Entrepreneurship courses are quick and convenient, allowing you to get feedback on your existing business idea quickly. In order to get the Certificate of Completion you'll need to finish three courses of four weeks each - which means you can finish in as little as 14 weeks!


​Watch our latest recorded program preview webinar: