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Course Descriptions


DMK 101: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is recommended as the first course, or to be taken during the first term of program study if enroling in multiple DMK courses.

DMK 101 1 - Fundamentals of Digital Marketing* (3 Units)

Incorporating the foundational principles of marketing, with best practices, theories and experiential activities relevant to the digital space, this course gives professionals the essential tools and industry current tactics to be strong strategic digital marketers. The importance and relevance of strategic digital marketing, including social media and mobile practices, email marketing, analytics, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and content management will be examined through visual and online text communications. Application activities involving digital marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, PPC samples, and a focus on optimizing all digital platforms will form the basis of this course.

DMK 102 2 - Digital Marketing Strategy (3 Units)

Strategic planning and the execution of digital marketing campaigns will be the focus of this course. Explore and examine the development of strategic analysis, e-commerce, CRM management, basic analytics practices and public relations online. Exercises are designed for students to analyze websites and campaigns in order to understand the connections between design, strategy, accessibility, operations, and maintenance in order to produce powerful digital marketing results.

DMK 103 3 - Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Digital Advertising (3 Units)

Delve into specific digital tools, standards, and practices in conjunction with application activities and projects to build effective online campaigns involving search engine marketing. Specific topics will build upon the fundamentals of the Google algorithm, metrics and measurement, search engine optimization analysis, content creation and PPC advertising.

DMK 104 4 - Content Management: Creating and Utilizing Dynamic Digital Content (3 Units)

Learn advanced practices of content marketing. Expand and grow your skills in writing for the web with digital storytelling, video, and image marketing, as well as user experience and user interface design. Bridge new media with traditional marketing practices and develop awareness of emerging new media trends that will affect the role of the strategic digital marketer.

DMK 105 5 - Data Management: Digital Metrics and Measurement (3 Units)

The expansion of e-commerce, web analytics and business analysis drives the need to stay current and relevant specific to theories and principles of digital data management practices. Examine data management technologies, tools, processes and analysis for decision making. Explore theories and examples of predictive analytics and Big Data and the impact on business, business intelligence systems and strategies for employing data to digital marketing.