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female mental health worker comforting a female mental health patient female mental health worker comforting a female mental health patient

Crisis and Mental Health Training

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Crisis Prevention Training


Safe Management is a Canadian company based in Oakville providing a variety of safety training programs to community and health care agencies/institutions. Trainings are provided by Safe Management facilitators directly.

Course Overview 

The primary goal of the course is to reduce risk and increase safety in professional community service and health care settings. Crisis Prevention Training focuses on crisis prevention and crisis management strategies, including aggressive behaviour and physical intervention:

  • Risk management (assessing and managing patient, environmental, and systems risks)
  • Relationship management (principles, strategies and techniques – key to prevention and de-escalation)
  • Behaviour management (behaviour profiling, functions of behaviours, developing plans to manage aggressive clients, etc.)
  • Aggression management (client escalation continuum, staff response, client response, weapons, use of intrusive interventions, de-briefing, etc.)
  • Physical intervention concepts and interventions

Skills are evaluated and a pass criteria is established both for de-escalation skills and physical intervention skills.

Who should attend this course?

The Crisis Prevention Training is geared primarily towards professionals that work with families, children, developmental disabilities, elder care, health care, and community organizations.

The program is based on evidence-based practice and techniques developed by a team of psychologists, behaviour analysts/therapists and martial arts experts.

Certificate Requirements 

  • Upon successful completion, participants receive a Certificate of Completion. 
  • This training requires successful participation in a 2.5 hour online program, followed by a 1-day in-class session instructed by Safe Management Group. 
  • Please note: Annual re-certification is required. 

Safe Management programs are recognized and approved by the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Child and Family Services. For full program information, please visit their website.

How to Enrol - Crisis Prevention Training 

Course Days Tuition Date/Time/Format Instructor(s)
Crisis Prevention Training 1 $100 + HST Feb 9, 2021 - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Safe Management

To register for the Crisis Prevention Training by Safe Management you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Click this registration link.
  2. Click "Create Account" on the login page. 
  3. Fill in the appropriate fields and click "Create Account".
  4. Select the course and click "Buy this course".
  5. Before checking out, click on "Got a coupon" and enter code "maccit2021"