Clinical Research Associate

Design, manage and maintain clinical trials.

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Clinical Research Associate Certificate Requirements

To earn a certificate, students must complete the following five courses (15 units).

  • Clinical Trial Research Coordinator (CRA 101)
  • Research Ethics & Regulatory Affairs (CRA 102)
  • Clinical Trial Methodologies in Practice (CRA 103)
  • Statistics, Databases & the Internet in Clinical Research (CRA 104)
  • Critical Analysis & Advancement of Writing & Communication Skills (CRA 105)

Enrol early as this program has limited enrolment.

*Please note that CRA 101 acts as a prerequisite for all other courses in the program.  Students may take courses concurrently with CRA 101; CRA 103 should be taken last. Remaining courses can be taken in any order.

All courses are required.

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Nahid Faroughi, MD, OB and GYN, CRA 
Research Assistant
Population Health Research Institute
CCRA graduate