Computer Training Workshops

Putting Technology into Practice.

NOTE: Discontinued as of April 2018.


Project 2010 Fundamentals  COT 606

Still struggling to manage projects with pen & paper? Tired of wrestling with spreadsheets and word processors to create and update descriptions, budgets, timelines, and reports for your project? MS Project was designed specifically to make timelines, charts, resource schedules, cost tables--all the information you need to plan, implement, control and report projects. Once you see how easily it is done with the MS Project software, you'll never go back to makeshift methods. 

Project 2010 Next Steps  COT 607

Next steps is the second workshop in the Microsoft Project 2010 series. In Microsoft Project 2010 Fundamentals, participants created a complete project plan. This course will build upon that knowledge, and give individuals the opportunity to work with a project plan once it has entered the project implementation phase. Students will learn to use Microsoft Project to accomplish the tracking and reporting needed once a project is underway. Web pages, hyperlinks, custom reports and data export and import will enable students to track and keep the project team informed for single projects and for master project plans (for multiple projects.) 

Workshop Prerequisites: 

Participants should be proficient in using a keyboard and a mouse, and should possess familiarity with a Windows operating system (e.g. folders, files, opening and saving documents, etc.).