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NOTE: Discontinued as of April 2018.

Microsoft Office Tutorials

Microsoft Graphics
PowerPoint Fundamentals
Email Basics
Beyond Email


New! Microsoft Graphics  COT 615

Learn how to use the Picture & Formatting tools available throughout the Microsoft Office Suite when Illustrations are added.  Add graphics & Clipart images, then manipulate them through the Picture Tools ribbon.  Add drawn objects, such as WordArt and Shapes, then enhance them through the Drawing Tools ribbon.  Use SmartArt to create lists, diagrams & organizational Charts, and learn how to use the Screenshot feature to capture a website.

Redesigned! PowerPoint Fundamentals  COT 614

Learn PowerPoint presentation techniques and how to create powerful presentations.  See how slides can be added, and how to put bulleted lists, tables, graphics, charts and WordArt onto the slide. Discover how to change a slide’s layout and design, and how to change default settings through the Slide Master. Bring your presentation to life through the use of slide transitions and animations. Learn how to customize the timing of when text and objects appear on the slide. Take advantage of PowerPoint’s built-in features to narrate a slide presentation or embed sound and video files.
Note: This course combines previous courses COT 564, 565 and 583.

Outlook 2010 Email Basics  COT 588

Participants will walk through basics of setting up an email account in Microsoft Outlook 2010.  Topics include becoming familiar with the Outlook Window, Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar, navigation pane and working with folders. Participants will create and format messages including creating a signature, manage mail, work with attachments, and create and manage contacts.  Finally, a newer Outlook 2010 feature, Conversations, will be reviewed.

Outlook 2010 Beyond Email  COT 589

Prerequisite:  COT 588 or participants should be comfortable using Outlook 2010 as their primary email client.

In Beyond Email, participants will explore other Outlook features including Calendar (scheduling meetings, appointments, and working with calendar groups), Tasks (creating and managing tasks), and Notes (creating and working with notes to better organize information).

Workshop Prerequisites: 

Participants should be proficient in using a keyboard and a mouse, and should possess familiarity with a Windows operating system (e.g. folders, files, opening and saving documents, etc.).