Case Management

Helping clients navigate the health
and social service systems.

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Course Descriptions

With the change-over to the Mosaic enrolment system, course numbers have changed but course titles and content have not.

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CMT 501 Essentials of Case Management (3 Units)

Examine the fundamental concepts, components, principles and models of case management in various settings with an emphasis on current issues, trends and approaches.

CMT 508 Diversity in Service Provision (3 Units)

Explore the challenges and opportunities in providing client-centred care to diverse populations. Develop skills in anti-oppression practice, communication, conflict resolution and empowerment.

CMT 511 Case Management Process: Interaction with the Client & Support Systems (3 Units)

Explore case management and its functions, the development and enhancement of case management, interagency relationships and formal/ informal support systems focusing on the knowledge and interpersonal skills required by case managers to interact effectively with their clients.

CMT 512 Linking Case Management Practice to Policy, Education & Research (3 Units)

Examine the practices of quality case management using evidence-based research and education to influence policy and program development.

CMT 513 Ethical, Legal & Financial Issues in Case Management (3 Units)

Explore the ethical and legal issues of case management as well as the financial and resource management issues encountered in practice.