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Canadian Housing

Learn the fundamentals of Canadian Housing

Advance your career in the growing field of Canadian Housing

Format (Virtual Classroom)


The Canadian Housing program is offered in a virtual classroom format. You should consider the learning format and its suitability to ensure that you have a successful learning experience.

Virtual Classroom Format

  • Courses are made “live” in Avenue to Learn 3 days prior to course start date. A pre-course email with information on the course, course materials, etc. will be sent prior to the course start date.
  • Courses offered as a virtual classroom with classes held, as per the scheduled day/time.
  • Classes will be held online, using a combination of synchronous, real-time, instructor led sessions, supplemented with asynchronous activities.
  • You should expect to attend class at the same time each week, although not every session will be a full 3 hours of live instruction. Rather, classes will provide learners the opportunity to apply what has been covered by your course facilitator.

Considerations for Taking a Virtual Classroom Course

  • Your schedule allows you to attend class at the same time each week.
  • You prefer interacting with your peers and feeling part of a classroom environment.
  • You are comfortable asking for clarification when needed and expressing yourself in written form through email or a discussion board.
  • You are able to read the textbook (and the assignments) on your own and understand the concepts.
  • You are able to work independently.
  • You have a quiet place to complete your work.
  • You are comfortable using technology (WebEx or ZOOM)
  • You have access to wifi/internet access, mobile device/laptop, microphone, and headphones and/or speakers