Lifelong Learning for a Brighter World

young females admiring artwork in an art gallery young females admiring artwork in an art gallery

The Art of Seeing™

Empathy, Perception and Resilience through visual art.

Learn to see. See to learn.

What people are saying about this program:


“This workshop challenged me to look past the obvious…and actually look before interpreting and making a judgment.”

“It was a surprise. I loved how you used art as a teaching method.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed today’s Art of Seeing session. While I have partaken a few times, it’s new and fresh each time and I always walk away with new learning...I really appreciated how you tied the conversation into how we work as managers and how we often have preconceived ideas/biases when approaching certain things.  Your enthusiasm really shone through today and I found the whole afternoon to be refreshing and energizing.  It’s an amazing program and is so relevant.”

“I appreciate more the ability of my colleagues to observe, analyze, create, and imagine.”

“I learned to keep an open mind by seeking out new methods of looking at art, but also leadership and working with others in a more creative way.”

“Today I took away an appreciation for art and I learned more about what to look for in art. This reinforces the notion of the importance of being aware of how each of our experiences, biases or viewpoints will influence our interpretations of what we see. Thank you for facilitating an informative afternoon!”

“I learned so many things: 1) That seeing truly is an art; 2) The importance of slowing down the brain and being mindful of what is in front of you; 3) Not to go to interpretations so quickly – to observe and absorb and take the time to see what the “expert” expectant eye misses; 4) That listening to others thoughts and seeing things through their lens enriches the experience, stretches the imagination and brings a different dimension to “knowing”. Thank you.”

“I was amazed at how people responded to the artwork and to each other. How I did, myself. It deepened my curiosity about looking and seeing and opening the mind. It fed my optimism and left me feeling happy and open and receptive.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this experience! I was so amazed about how my perceptions of each artwork changes as I dedicated time to really looking, asking questions to understand what’s really going on within each of the pieces we viewed. I am so impressed and would love to spend more time appreciating art going forward - taking this time to really look and think. Thank you Nicole & Joyce!”