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Course Descriptions

With the change-over to the Mosaic enrolment system, course numbers have changed but course titles and content have not.

In-person and online formats now share the same course number. Take care to choose your desired format when enrolling.

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Core Courses

ADD 827 Introduction to Addiction (3 Units)

Provides an overview to theories of addiction and examines various drug groups and interventions currently used in Canada. Explores the prevention and treatment continuum in Canada.

ADD 828 Problem Management Skills for Helpers (3 Units)

Introduces problem management, based on Gerard Egan’s problem management model. Focus on communications skills, empathy, probing and challenging.

ADD 829 Concepts & Dimensions of Group Work Practice (3 Units)

Explore theories and models of group intervention, with emphasis on developmental stages of groups and their application to work in addictions settings. Group dynamics, process and goals will be explored.

ADD 830 Solution-Focused Approaches in Addiction Counselling (3 Units)

Provides a practical hands-on approach to utilizing three main theoretical models (Stages of Change, Motivational Interviewing and Solution-Focused Therapy) that are particularly helpful with individuals who are reluctant to change.

ADD 862 Case Management & Report Writing (2 Units)

Examine the role and function of the case manager, with emphasis on service coordination and liaison with other addiction and non-specific resources.

ADD 874 Pharmacology & Drug Abuse (2 Units)

Provides a base of technical drug information for persons who require a basic understanding of the pharmacology of psychoactive drugs.

Skill Development Electives

General Electives